17 November 2011

Tagged: Tell Me About Yourself

Right now in Sydney, the weather is extremely nice... So nice that it makes me feel so lazy, therefore today's post will be a laid-back and relaxing post (for me... maybe for you too). Nothing about make-up, skincare or haircare!

I was tagged and awarded the 'Tell Me About Yourself Award...... Of The Year (jokes!)" by Priyanka from TwinxNTrax. She has a wonderful blog, so do check it out! ^-^

Besides that, I'm just gonna jump straight into what I gotta do, which is to list 7 random facts about me.... LOL. This is gonna be interesting... I think.

1. I have this strange fear with sharp objects. Yes. We're talking about knives or scissors here! Sometimes when my mum (or anyone) holds up a knife which is pointed towards me.. I feel like there's a possibility that *what if* she accidentally stabs me or something along the lines of that... or dropping the knife and chopping off my 10 toes.

2. I also have this fear of turning on my Asian 'stove'. It's connected with this gas bottle which you have to turn on first, before turning on the stove. I'm always scared that it might explode into my face or something... I think I just might list out all my fears!

3. I'm very picky with my food, the reason why I always stick with Vietnamese/Chinese restaurants unless it's the basic English food such as my local steak. To share with you, I don't really enjoy Korean food, because I've grew up with Vietnamese food being super flavoured that Korean dishes most of the time are a tad too plain and bland. Just my personal taste.

4. I personally don't like the look of blue nails on me.

5. I read blogs, but most of the time I don't leave comments! Poo!

6. My favourite animals are pigs! They are just SO adorable that I really can't get over it. Hahaha! My first plush toy was a pig :)

7. I have this green blanket from Qantas Airlines which I've had since I was born (yes!) and I do hug it to sleep every night! Not sure why, but the blanket feels very cool!

Ah, that's 7 quirky facts about me! Hope you've enjoyed and thank you Priyanka for tagging me!


  1. Tehehe funny 7 facts ^^
    Mhmm I love Korean food! Very spicey :)
    I don't eat pigs because I love pigs!


  2. haha I like your quirky facts. I have to confess that I also have a blanket that I've had since I was little too. The material is really different from most blankets so it's nice and cold when you snuggle with it in the summer time lol xD


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