12 November 2011

Saturday/Sunday Steals #14

Hope you're doing well whether you beauties are at MBBE or K-Pop 2011 Festival or anywhere else in the world tonight..

As for me, tonight will be a relaxing one (like always)... Dramas, blogging, Twitter, YouTube and everything. And also sharing with you what I've gathered from the markets in the past two weekends!

Cheap brush sets!! This particular black set of *artistic brushes* which you most likely would find at your local bargain stores, I bought for $1. I figured that I could use this brush for applying a
face mask or painting (I ain't no artist).

The next set of brushes are pointed in shape, similar to those pointed eyeliner brushes which I plan to use for nail art or face-painting since they are definitely too scratchy for eyelining. I bought this for 50 cents.

Pack of three plastic spray bottles which is most likely used to contain the custom mix of my Revlon ColorStay Foundation and brush cleaner! $1! Hopefully I will get a post up about custom mixing your own foundation soon! ^-^!

Headbands! These remind me of when I was younger... Used to wear this around all the time! These were $1 each which I won't probably end up using, because my mum did pressure me into purchasing these... LOL! But that's okay. Hopefully I will bring it to use.

Finally something beauty-related! As you are aware (or maybe not), I did purchase a Cosmetica Pointed Eyeliner brush last time for $4 last week. As for this week, I did also purchase a Powder and Lip brush from the same lady for $3 each since she lowered the price because she couldn't sell them. I thought I'd give it a try anyways since 6 bucks won't hurt although I don't use lip brushes often and I have many powder brushes at home already.. *sigh

That was probably the only make-up related item, now onto my fewer last nail-art items! Rhinestonesss! I bought this for $3, but you probably could find it on eBay for cheaper!

And also these three palettes which contains cutesy fruits, flowers, stars, hearts, butterflies, Big Bird and bears! These palettes were also $3 each, but I actually grabbed all three palettes and the rhinestones above for $10 altogether! Wooooo! You can find these palettes on eBay for $1.50 with free shipping though...

So that's all that I've hauled for the past two weekends of markets!

Hope you lovelies have a wonderful weekend and enjoyed this post!


  1. It feels like you havent posted in forever trammie!
    I've missed your posts!!
    You always manage to find so many goodies! I like all the brushes :D

  2. When I read about the spray bottles, I thought you meant you mixed your foundation together with your brush cleaner. After I thought about it I knew what you meant but for a second there, I was wondering what on earth you were doing! My bad. Gave me a chuckle though :)

  3. great haul! i love the brushes! such a good deal!

    love your blog. following you now! :)


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