26 October 2011

Slit Mouthed Woman Inspired Make-Up

Today's gonna be another Halloween post, on another horror movie. This time, it's inspired by the main character Mayumi Sasaki of 'Carved' which is also known as 'A Slit-Mouthed Woman'.

The movie is based on a Japanese myth (interesting!) about Kuchisake-onna ("Slit Mouthed Woman").

According to Wikipedia, basically... there was once a woman whose mouth was slit from ear to ear by her jealous husband. She then return to town as an evil spirit wearing a surgical mask (to hide her slitted mouth) and stops children who are walking home alone by questioning them "Am I beautiful?".

If the child or children answer 'yes', she will remove her mask to reveal her slitted mouth and ask 'How about now?'. If the child or children answer 'no', they will be cut in half or if they answer 'yes', she will slit their mouth(s) like hers... from ear to ear.

So I just bought special effects recently so here's my nooby recreation on the mouth....

One thing I wish to improve is blending the latex with my skin better! I will put in more effort next time... you can see at the red arrow that there's a thick layer of latex just sitting dried there! It looks like hives or something!

Lastly, I did over-exaggerate the slit a little too much than the movie's make-up, but I can tell you that I'm NOT disappointed for it's my first time using latex and scar wax! I also wished that I had a pair of plain white contacts and mask to complete the look.

I will give this look another try in the future with proper eye make-up and props! :)

Now... time for you to answer my question.

"Am I pretty?"



  1. owww..yes..ur pretty but dont slit my face like that :(..that movie was really scary n u recreated the slit mouthed women very well!!

  2. Eeee!
    I like it, good job trammie!
    I actually think it looks fine without makeup :3

  3. WOW. That's amazing! Somewhat creepy, but since that's the look you are going for, that's a compliment!

    I don't know if I dare use latex in that manner. It looks amazing but oh gosh, it looks so hard too!

  4. you are soooooo amazing at makeup!!!! looks so cooool :D

  5. I love that movie...great job on the makeup btw :) haha ur pretty but plz dont slit my mouth

  6. oh and the person who posted above is me Hailey :)


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