30 October 2011

Recent Haul (Maybelline, L'Oreal & Urban Decay)

*This post was written a two weeks ago*

I've hauled these items sometime in the last month and never actually shared on my blog! Below is pretty much a collective haul which may also be my last haul in a while as I'm extremely satisfied with my current make-up stash after items from IMATS Sydney and goodie bags from Australian Beauty Blogger Weekend!

So about a month ago, Priceline had an awesome deal on Maybelline which was 'Buy 3 face products for $30'! Woooooo! I've always had a few things I wanted from Maybelline, but never picked those items up because they are quite pricey for me (professional gambler here!), ranging around $20~$30. Pretty pricey if you think about it!

On my list.. I've always wanted to own their Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Foundation (powder form) since I'm running low on my American Beauty Mineral Powder. So far so good, I say. The powder hasn't caused my skin to react negatively or anything and provides a decent coverage too. Normally, this powder foundation is already $25~27.

The second item I knew I had to grab from Maybelline is their Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector, which is a double-end pen consisting of a concealer and a highlighter. This concealer has ALWAYS been a favourite concealer for under-eye bags! It covers my eyebags complete, lightweight (unlike cream concealers), don't sink into my fine lines and is SO handy for its 2-in-1 packaging. Definitely a steal since this concealer retails for approx $17.

The last item of the three-for-$30 deal is their 24HR SuperStay Foundation, which I bought since Pinkiecharm from YouTube has raved much about it. I'd say we share similar skin conditions though my t-zone does look shiny, but is actually flaky and dry. I blame this on Roaccutane. This foundation so far serves to be great, I'd say it's the 'younger' sister of the Revlon Colorstay foundation, but I'll do a more detailed and further review soon! This stuff retails for at least $20, I believe.

As you've calculated Asian-ly (hehe), the three face products above would cost me at least $60! Therefore, being able to purchase these 3 items for $30 is one of the most awesome deals Priceline has ever offered!

The next item I've got is from CosmoCosmetics, which is a discounted make-up store located in Liverpool Westfields, but you can also find them at Stocklands in Wetherill Park!

I just happened to stumble across their store and saw this primer for $10 ONLY!
It's the L'Oreal Studios Secret Magic Perfecting Base Primer! I believe this has been discontinued and they now have something similar in their normal L'Oreal line called the 'Base Magique Primer' which is identical in packaging and consistency.. just not entirely sure if they've changed anything about the formula or whatever... But I have no problem with this primer. Especially when it's for $10 and not $39.95!

Lastly, I've finally got NAKED!

Shoo! I'm speaking of the all-time raved Urban Decay Naked Palette! I've bought this from BeautyBay for $65 including shipping and oddly, their site states it'll take 7 days to arrive, too bad it took a whole 30 days for it to arrive, so I don't think I'll order from them anymore (unfortunately) though their customer service was awesome.

I still don't know why I've ordered this palette when I don't even use eyeshadows to start off with! And that goes to all the eyeshadows I haul! Hahaha! I just enjoy collecting them and believe one day I will eventually get to that stage to use eyeshadows....

At the moment, I enjoy being 18 and I personally think eyeshadows ages me a tad.. Yes... I'm also covering up for my crappy eyeshadow skills! Hehehe.

Well, back to the eyeshadow palette! It comes with a mini-sized UDPP and a brush now instead of the Urban Decay eyeliners! Apparently, it's because the ingredients used to make the eyeliners are quite rare and hard to find, therefore the palette is out of stock all the time. But now that they've replaced it with a brush, it's gonna always be in stock! Yay?

I still wished it came with the eyeliner though...

That concludes this haul post! You won't be seeing haul posts for a long while now! Boo!


  1. Ooo so much goodies!
    OMgggg! Naked palette! I've always wanted it!!!!!!

  2. That's an awesome deal for 3 Maybelline products! Shame to hear about the long shipping time from Beauty bay though. I'm actually waiting on a Naked palette from them too :)

  3. I like the Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector too! :)

  4. when i ordered off beautybay.com it took almost a month or more to arrive also. NEVER buying from there again.

  5. New follower! I got the Naked Palette a few months ago and mine came with the brush too. Wish it came with the eyeliner as well.



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