11 January 2016

MANI-MONDAY: Settle Petal

Currently still putting together my top 15 products of 2015, so thought I'd feed ya this short Mani-Monday post!

I've received this nail polish from AUSTRALIS, some time ago, along with their Fierce Eyes Mascara (thanks Australis!) and another nail lacquer in Peek-a-boo. I've blogged about that shade here >

Settle Petal ($4.95) is a light beige colour. Leans pink, clearly visible against my skintone, haha. 

It's quite nice on my nails -- makes it look well-polished, clean and neat. However, I would still rather a little more colour. A few years back, I was totally into these beiges and all but, today, I'd probably call pass. 

As expected from the tone of the shade, it was hard to smooth everything out despite the lovely consistency and opacity it offered. But that's fine, a top coat finished it off and smoothed everything out.  (*´∀`*)

Just a short post, hope ya liked it! 

Hopefully I'll get that TOP 15 post up sooon! Still lacking a few products since I was so out of it last year. Eeep. 

Disclaimer: Product featured in this post was provided for review consideration only. 


  1. Looks like such an appropriate work colour :) I think it's fresh for the warmer months though I hate having to layer up light polishes


  2. I'm not usually into such pale, beige nail colours but this looks so nice! It could just be your pro-level nail painting skills though haha (seriously though your nail beds are so neat, teach me your secrets!).
    Peach Melba

  3. A different colour of nail paint came here with your blog its looking beautiful. Really nice to have this blog here with us. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  4. This is a very lovely polish but agree, the shade is very light. I love a bit more colour too! xx

    Jasmine / sweetaholic-beauty.com


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