27 April 2015

MANI-MONDAY: Spanish Moss

Spanish Moss by Revlon ($16.95) is probably one of the most unappealing greens when you look at it in the bottle, I must admit.

I can't remember where and when I've purchased this. I think it was at the markets, for a few bucks (cheap, as with most other things I thrift). I don't even know if whether it was myself who purchased this, or my sister, or my mum. I didn't even know about its existence in my nail stash!!

I didn't really expect to like it as much I do now. Despite how unappealing it may look in the bottle, it's a really lovely khaki green, which gives off Autumn-y vibes!

I should add that it's so photogenic tooooooooo.

The formula is extremely smooth and pigmented. I've used two coats in all these swatches, and topped off with Revlon Diamond Top Coat ($16.95). I'd recommend to top it off with a top coat as it doesn't have the glossiest formula.

Spanish Moss will definitely be staying in my collection. Initially, I thought I wouldn't like it that much, but this is definitely a keeper.

A bit weary as a shade, but still very unique and lovely to wear, don't you think?!

On another note, I've been procrastinating uni-work (and pretty much everything else) soooooo bad. Adding to that, the weather in Sydney has been really crap!

Please stay safe, stay warm and stay dry everyone!


  1. Not really a fan of this shade, but it's definitely unique and it might grow on me. Who knows?


  2. I actually loveeeee murky green nail polishes like Essie Sew Psyched and this one!
    Good one for autumn i think!

    Chloé⎪ status.chlo

  3. This is so pretty! Seeing this kind of color makes me wanna try it out. I am not fan of greens but with this, it really caught my attention.


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