13 April 2015

Mani-Monday: Sky's The Limit

Oh my god guys. I have been MIA since Easter really. So much has been happening in the past week!

Priceline used to be my hood, but recently, I've been around BWS instead... lol. Partying season, np.
What have my lovely readers been up to?!

I've been on a tight budget lately, so I haven't been purchasing many things. After the Priceline 40% sale, I've never really purchased any more beauty items~ My friend gifted me a few items from the 40% sale though. Eep.

Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy in Sky's The Limit ($16.95) was one of the two nail lacquers she gifted to me ^_^!

It's a foily light blue. The formula claims to last up to 11 days, with a long-lasting shine!

It's not bad actually. The lacquer is a tad runny, and the colour runs a tad sheer, so I needed 4 coats for a near-opaque finish.

Now just to wait and see if it lasts up to 11 days, like as claimed! ^_^

Ah, such an exxy one.. $16.95 a pop. Eeep. My friend also got me the Diamond Top Coat ($16.95) from the same range, saying that it's amazing!

I'll update you on that soon, but for now, off to work on more posts!


  1. It's a tad pricey but the colour is amazing! You have such nice nails.
    Renee x

  2. This color is still available and I got it at half that price! (Yay, Walgreens)


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