08 September 2014

Drugstore Cosmetics Launches for Australia -- September 2014


Every single time I blog in class, I get into such an egg-citing persona. Not sure why, just happens.
I'm swamped with assessments for now, so if there are any new products that I've not mentioned, I will give you a cookie if you could let us know in the comment box.


Bourjois Lip Liner Contour Edition ($16)
Not sure how many shades they've released in this range, but these lip liners are described to "provide shape and definition to the lips". Glides easily. Precise application. Conditions the lips. 

Bourjois Rouge Edition 12 Heures ($19)
NEW lipstick collection (?) Long lasting lipstick, provides 12 hours of wear without re-touching. Semi-matte. Creamy texture. Non-drying.

Face Of Australia Eye Lights Under Concealer ($12.95/2 shades)
Yay for Face Of Australia!! Newly released under-eye concealer. Provides coverage for dark circles, uneven skin tone and fine lines. According to its description, it contains skin conditioning agents to nourish the skin. Highly pigmented, that leaves the skin appearing dewy and fresh. Features a pen applicator and brush tip, in case you're wondering.

Face Of Australia Lip Paint ($6.95/3 shades)
OK. The first thing that comes to my mind as I saw this.... "OH MY GOD! OCC LIP TAR DUPES?!" -- Don't lie. That was your first thoughts too, right?
Well, apparently not.. The description says it's a lip gloss. Intense colour, with a high shine effect. Ehhh.

Katy Perry Banging Beauty Lashes by Eylure ($14.99)
Medium length-ed lashes, for curl and volume. Totes Katy Perry lookin' to me!

Australis Velourlips Matte Creams ($9.95)
Saw this on Australis' official Instagram. NEW shade additions! Woohoo. Below are swatches, by GoorooBeauty.

Ooooooh! I'm so excited! I've still yet to try of these. I REALLY need to go through my lipstick collection, until I purchase more... though that's just... impossible.

Max Factor Skin Luminzer Foundation ($33.95/6 shades)
Looks similar, huh? Reminds me a lot of the one that was created by both Olay and Covergirl. Offers lightweight coverage though, which is outcast of MF's foundation range...

Rimmel London Colour Rush Jumbo Lip Balms ($12.99/4-5 shades)
Not officially released at Priceline and those other stores, I'm assuming. However, I've spotted this in My Chemist's latest catalogue (pretty much a Melbourne-based version of Chemist Warehouse)! Yes, more jumbo pencils. No info, but I'm assuming that they'll be available at Chemist Warehouse soon (I've noticed that these chemist-stores usually almost identical catalogues).

That's all for this month! Some products were released last month, so don't mind me for including them into this month's post!

I'm off to do my assessments, here's the fun monthly poll for you to fill out...

Thanks for being patient with me. I've had some posts drafted, but I've yet to find any time to photograph the products!!

Hopefully I'll get around to that soon!

(Goodbye in Chinese)


  1. I love these posts! I have already picked up one of the new Velourlips, the colours are fab! I wish they were a bit more comfortable to wear but the longevity and shade range is too good to pass up! xx

  2. I'm excited to get the Bourjois lippies. I've got some of the original ones and they're amazing. Beautiful colours and a great non drying formula.

  3. Woo, there's quite a few newbies I want to try!


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