10 December 2013

[LATE] Drugstore Cosmetic Launches for Australia -- December 2013

Ahhhhh. Sorry, very late post this month! And kinda half assed too. I'm overseas (in Vietnam) at the moment, so I'm always busy going here and there! Not enough time for myself to sit and whip up blog posts. I also haven't had any time online, so I've no idea what products are "in" at the moment!

However, I still have access to some brand listings, so here are the very fewer that I've gathered...

Max Factor Mini Nail Polish Summer Collection ($5.95/4 shades)
A limited edition nail collection by Max Factor for their mini's! Supposed to be your go-to's for this summer season!

Covergirl Lipstick Smoochies
($4.95/3 shades)
These are pretty much lip balms, which combines all the ideal qualities of a lip product -- lightweight, moisturising, non-sticky and delivers sheer colour to the lips, with a glossy sheen. 

Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Glosstinis ($4.95/8 shades)
Faaaaaancy name! Described to be chip-resistant, smooth and pigmented, these glossy nail lacquers are suppose to last on your nals for up to seven days, whilst only requiring one application.

Innoxa 2 in 1 Eye Liner & Eye Shadow Stick ($14.95/6 shades)
Dual eyeliner and eyeshadow sticks for your convenience! The eyeshadow is spring-mounted, so don't fear about not being able to sharpen the thing, while the eyeliner is described to glide on easily and define the eyes effortlessly. 

Innoxa Satin Sheen Lipsticks ($14.95/6 shades)
Last product, also by Innoxa, is their new lipstick range! The formula of these lipsticks promises a bold, full coverage payoff with a long-lasting power. Also contains a bunch of oils (primrose, jojoba, avocado) to moisturise and hydrate the lips.

Yeap. Five products for this month, because I'm totally out of the beauty world at the moment! You wait though! I've already got February launches lined up, and all I can say is.......

I don't tell u. 

Stay tuned for it, but this is all for now! :P
Hopefully, I'll be able to post more soon~ I miss you all!

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  1. The Innoxa lippies are so pretty. I am so curious about it that I will def try it out. Like the formula too for it really seems hydrating.


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