08 November 2013

Drugstore Cosmetics Launches for Australia -- November 2013

Hi everyone! Sorry for the late post this month. For anyone who follows my YouTube channel, I probably won't be able to make a video this month! Huhu! I have the baddest sore throat and still feelin' hot and cold at the moment. I'm a little sick goose.

Let's put all the illness aside though, and look forward to this month's awesome launches!


Face Of Australia Sheer Gloss Lip Crayons ($14.95/7 shades)
Hello wello cello! It seems like every brand is hopping onto releasing lip crayons at the moment! According to Face Of Australia, these lip crayons:
  • Glides on smoothly
  • Provides sheer gloss colour
  • Have a moisturising and non-sticky formula
  • Have a vanilla scent

I love vanilla scented products!! We'll see how this goes! The colour range looks nice too, as it seems to cover all back-to-basic shades.

Natio Smoothie Lip Colour Crayons ($12.95/8 shades)
See! I told you! Then there's also Natio with their new range of lip crayons, but unlike FOA's, these lip crayons promises rich colour payoff!

Chi Chi Baked Eyeshadows ($14.95/24 shades)
Baked eyeshadow singles for all you Chi Chi lovers! Chi Chi describes their baked eyeshadows to be "smooth, long-lasting and highly pigmented". Formulated without parabens and is designed to be applied wet or dry! Available in so many shades too!

Covergirl Ink It! Eyeliner ($12.94/4 shades)
Finally a Covergirl product (besides their lip products) that actually looks enabling! These eyeliners are described to be waterproof, highly pigmented and fade-proof and crease-proof for up to 12 hours! 

Australis Veleourlips Matte Cream ($9.95/5 shades)
These only launched recently, but I'm sure you've heard about these all over Insta! Deemed to be highly pigmented, long-lasting and also comes with the mattest finish that one can have without the flaky-business!

L'Oreal Paris SuperLiner Blackbuster Eyeliner ($16.95/1 shade)
This one, is a marker-pen eyeliner that offers a "thick liner technique". The eyeliner is formulated to glide on the eye smoothly, lasting for eight hours. Easy to remove! I've seen swatches and it looks extremely black!

L'Oreal Paris Luminosity Code BB Cream ($29.95/2 shades)
Dubbed as "the first illuminating BB Cream that evens skin tone and covers imperfections", this new BB cream is a combination of the best skincare and cosmetics technology! It has a light and luxurious formula that instantly melts into the skin, whilst keeping the skin moisturised for 24 hours and protecting it from UV rays. Of course, leaves it with a fresh and flawless luminous finish.

LACURA Beauty Colour Sticks ($6.99/2pk)
I've never ever featured this brand on my blog.... I don't think! But in case you're not aware of Lacura, it is Aldi's very own beauty brand. I've heard about SOME of their beauty products (including skincare products), but these products are newly launched. I've only known from their latest catalog, so I have absolutely NO information about these, except for its price and that it comes in a pack of 2 colours! A snippet of their catalogue...

Chi Chi's New Viva La Diva Lipstick Shades ($18.95/6 NEW shades)
Okay, with their usual richly coloured and long-wearing formula, Chi Chi has now added 6 new shades to their existing range of 36 shades. Here are a few photos.... (I can't locate their press images!).

*credits to @ChiChiOfficialCosmetics on Instagram*

Sportsgirl Pucker Up Lip Crayons ($8.95/3 shades)
Eeeee! More lip crayons, but by Sportsgirl this time around... I'm not 100% sure why I have no info on these... On Sportsgirl's website, they are just described to be "long wearing matte lip crayons" @_@!

I LOVE their 'Fruit Tingle' Pout About It Lipstick... I'd like to try out their lip crayon named after the same shade... Huhuhuhu.

Sally Hansen Spring Racing Collection ($9.95/7 shades)
If you're looking to update your nail collection this Spring/Summer, Sally Hansen has something for you! Their new Spring Racing Collection has been around since September, so I'm a little late on this! Only available exclusively to Priceline!

Last, but not least..... NEW LASHES!!

By who?

Glam By Manicare of course!
Five new pairs of lashes, named and inspired by 5 top celebrities! I'm in a rush to study for my exams at the moment, so I'm just gonna slip in this photo n jet!

So sorry for the rush this month! I'll make sure to be more prepared.... next year. I will be flying away to Vietnam in December, so I can't promise next month's launch post. Huhuh! I will try my best though! However, as always...

Let me know which products you are keen on!
What! Why! Where! Who! How!

Tell me everything!


  1. I swear these posts make me broke haha! I love the look of the new Chi Chi lippies, those purples look promising! xx

  2. really excited about the foa crayons and the natio ones and...everything :p love these posts!!!

  3. I dont think I own more than 2 or 3 Covergirl products but the new Covergirl Ink It! Eyeliner look so good so I'll definitively be swatching those! The new Sally Hansen line has some really beautiful colours too!

  4. So many lip crayons - it's total market saturation! The Natio ones sound interesting - may have to check them out when they're released to see if the pigmentation is rich as promised :) I didn't know FOA were going to come out with new lip crayon shades - I still have the 3 from the pack they did a while ago but I rarely use them.

  5. Chi chi lipsticks are my fave cant wait till I actually get them ASAP
    thanks for the round up :)


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