25 November 2012

Saturday/Sunday Steals #25: For just $27!

I'm back!! I'm finally done with my 2 weeks of practical work at the childcare centre. I've been busy dancing with 4-5 year olds to 'Gangnam Style'! Wa.. I miss them already and it's only been 2 days! Meep.

Tell ya something else I miss....... I miss awesome Sunday market hauls! That's what I miss! Why? Because good deals (like what I'll be showing you in this post) only comes around once in a looong while... actually, I probably should be thankful for that, because at least I don't hoard weekly... right?

Walked into the markets and just a few stalls in, I found these two brushes in a bag for $1! Whilst the flat brush don't look promising, the Chi Chi kabuki brush is impressively soft!

..and then two stalls down, I located all these AWESOME deals (where I stood around for 30mins to carefully choose, no joke)! 

Estee Lauder Signature Silky Powder Blush in Nude Rose -- $5! I purchased this because it was so cheap and is a natural 'flushed' shade that I don't have in my collection of blushers!

All items from here were only $2.50 each!

Australis Creme Colour for Cheeks & Lips -- Collecting items for an upcoming giveaway! 
Rimmel Colour Show Off Lipstick in Tell No One -- Check above.

Models Prefer Soft Black Eyeliner -- I got this because it was so cheap! Giving it away to a friend!
Savvy by DB Eye Pencil in Brilliant Bronze -- For giveaway! I've tried this and it's a beautiful bronze shade with a soft and creamy texture!

Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliners Outrageous Emerald and Lively Turquoise -- I've heard enough about these! So excited that I found them at the markets! I really thought Australis' 10 Hour Wear along with Savvy by DB Eye Pencils were the creamiest that 'creamiest' can be... but holy golly, these Prestige eyeliners are even CREAMIER! 

Prestige Waterproof Lipliner in Diva -- Saw this and thought it was a beautiful pink! Looking into lip liners lately because I love wild and bold lippies! 

And then some swatches of the products I've been playing around with! Beautiful turquoise and emerald eyeliners!

And then finished Sunday markets off with some of my favourite body lotions by Pure Fiji (Coconut scented ones!).. all 4 for only $1... I really couldn't be any happier!

Yeap. All for $27!

Anyways, I hope you've all been well! I have some exciting reviews coming your way! So glad I'm back into blogging! I miss it (and you guys too!) SO much. Here's a sneak-peak photo for what's coming up in the next fewer posts!

Thanks for following through with me! Speak to you soon! ^_^


  1. Wow such steals! Jealous ^-^


  2. Wow what a great haul! Such bargains you got too! The Prestige Total Intensity eyeliners look amazing, they look so pigmented, especially the turquoise. The Estee Lauder blush looks amazing and for only $5, so jealous :(

    1. Aw aw Karen! The Prestige eyeliners are pretty amazing!

  3. Wow. such steals :)
    Just curious, which Sunday market you went to with this many makeup products?

    1. Hi love! I go to a flea markets, around my area.. it is called 'Trash and Treasure'.

  4. $5 for the Estee Lauder Blush, wow, thats amazing!!!

    Btw, I have two small giveaways on my blog, feel free to enter;



  5. OMG the estee lauder blush for $5? SOO JEALOUS.

  6. I was going WHAAT..I can't remember a makeup haul I did that was under 30 bucks. Good job!




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