06 November 2012

My take on LipstickCake's Nail-Polish-a-Day Challenge!

If you follow me on Instagram, you would be familiar with the hashtag #lipstickcakepolishaday throughout October!

Basically, Lipstick and Cake was hosting an Instagram challenge where you can show off your manicures throughout October! You could paint daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly! Whenever you do, just snap and tap!

And being the nail polish lover I am, I had my gears ready... so here's 'what's on my nails' throughout October..

Day 1: Starting the challenge with my fave Mirenesse Bullet Proof Nail Lacquer in Charleston Me -- posted about it here.
Day 2: OPI's Black Cherry Chutney -- meh, not a fan of dark vampy's and the purple tone was really hard to see! Meep!

Day 3: Layed over Inglot Flakie #202! Been waiting to use this since I've bought it at IMATS the month before! Breath taking!
Day 4: Then Amanda told me a matte top coat looks really good over Inglot Flakies so here I am with Inglot Matte Top Coat.

Day 6: My favourite sandy beige colour -- Jordana's Chiffon ($3 at CosmoCosmetics!)
Day 8: Matte top coat over that thing! Beautiful matte beige nails!

Day 14: Suddenly fast forward to Day 14 (lol, I'm a lazy bum!) when I attempted gradient nails... which turned out to be disastrous by the way!
Day 18: Not my nails, but my friend Wynona recreated this manicure by Cosmetic Cupcake for Face Of Australia! Looks pretty cute on her nails, yes?!

Day 19: OPI Tickle My France-y! Didn't really like ittt.
Day 20: Tried some triangle nail art with OPI The One That Got Away (Katy Perry collection) which turned out looking like beanies/Santa hats! :(

Day 21: On the other hand (punny!), I did some whack stuff. Not sure what it is really... just a simple quirky design.
Day 23: Whipped out Sportsgirl's Iceberg, finally!

Day 24: A better attempt at gradient nails this time! I used a darker blue/green by Sportsgirl called 'Mermaid'! It really is a beautiful colour!
Day 28: Finishing off the challenge with a perfect orange by Rimmel London called 'Tangerine Queen' for Halloween!

Yeap! That was all! I painted my nails 13 times for the month!!! Record!

Did you participate in #lipstickcakepolishaday Instagram challenge?
Which manicure from my overview do you like best?!

I really love the Inglot Flakies. I could literally sit and stare at my nails all day long. Not even kidding ya!


  1. That tag sounded like fun! My favorite is day 28, the orange nails! And I don't usually love orange, but they're gorgeous!!

  2. This is such a cute idea! I would never be able to keep up though, so lazy. T_T My favorite is your Day 1... love the purple!! <3

  3. such amazing nails!

  4. Love how you paint your nails so neatly!! ♥ My faves would be the beige ones - they suit your skintone so well :)

    The Misty Mom


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