10 December 2011

How To: DIY Lipstick Palette

Compressing your lipsticks into your DIY lip palette is a great way to save more space in the make-up stash, don't ya think?

You can choose whichever lipsticks you want to melt, but for me... NYX Round Lipsticks are my picks! I generally don't like them (review here), so I know I won't ever carry them around in my handbag or whatever. Instead of leaving them around in my make-up stash.. I figured that pressing them into one palette will save much more space.

What you'll need:
  • An empty palette (I bought mine on eBay for $3)
  • Two metal spoons
  • A toaster or a candle
  • Anti-bacterial tablets (I use Milton tablets which can be purchased at Priceline)
  • Your preferred lipsticks!
  • Glue (I used craft glue)


1. Sanitise your spoons and aluminium pans by soaking them in [enough] water with half of your anti-bacterial tablet.

2. If still a full-product lipstick, cut the lipstick in half and place on the metal spoon. My NYX lipsticks fill two aluminium pans.

3. Place the metal spoon over the toaster to melt the lipstick.

4. Make sure that you place the aluminium pan on a straight and flat surface so that the lipstick will cool with a flat level. Pour the melted lipstick into the pan and leave to cool.

5. While waiting for cool, peel off the label of your lipstick and stick onto the inside cover of the palette.

6. After the pan of lip colour has cooled down, using craft glue, glue the pan to the palette and you're done!


Now you more space in your stash to be filled up with newer make-up!

Hope you enjoyed the post and found it helpful!


  1. Nice and easy :) some of yours look so perfect! Knowing me I'd make a huge mess haha.

  2. I used to do that often, but i guess Im getting lazy :P

    and I found using heat to melt down lipstick actually kinda alters the scent/taste of lipstick (?)

  3. wow.... this is an amazing idea! But I find my self just like carrying a tube around. If I put it a palette I wont use it :(

  4. Wow you melt yours so well, and you didn't make a huge mess dripping it in like I probably would. xD

  5. @Sue Hahahha! The pics look clean, but the table was actually a mess! Boo!

    @Alice Yes! I wish all of them could've be the same! Y_Y

    @Denise Ah I originally don't like the smell/scent of the NYX lippies, so it doesn't bother me. I'm not very sure if it does change though! Haven't used them yet! Heheheh

    @Kirsty Yup! Definitely keeping my fave lippies in tubes to carry around! :) only did this because I don't like them as much :(

    @Katherine Aww! It's easy!! ^_^ You should try it! ^_^

  6. Woohoo!!! Awesome! Except...I still like lipstick in tubes better...but this is great for travelling :D

  7. Great idea babe!! Cool!!



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