05 January 2017

NEW ON COUNTER (JAN 2017): Maybelline, Australis, Bourjois, MUD, Mavala, Real Technique

Won't lie. Started the title to this post as "2016". Ehhh, and I told myself I won't be one of those forgetful people!

Had suchhhhhhh a lovely New Years Eve. A few snaps [from Project Zero] to prove it:

2016 was such a bad year, but at the same time, such a great year. It was a year of... you know, just realising stuff (Kylie Jenner, 2016).

It's hilarious because we all thought, "man, what a joke!" when Kylie included it as part of her New Years resolution.. little do we know... it's true. LMAO. Or at least, it's very applicable for me!

2016 was a year of ups and downs -- it started with so many downs, but ended on such a banging note. So much that I couldn't wait to see what 2017 has in store for me!

I hope you've all had the best, banging start to the year of 2017! And that 2017 will be a more successful and happier year for every single one of YOU!

MUD Make Up

  • High Definition Waaterproof Mascara ($5)
  • Brow Shaping Powder ($6)

  • Lipsticks ($3/4 shades)
  • Velvet Matte Lipsticks ($5)
  • Full Colour Lip Lacquer ($6)

    • Face Defining Contour & Highlighting Palette ($10)
    • Colour Correcting Palette ($8)
    • Make-Up Blender ($8)

    Not sure how many shades some of these products are available in, but lookin' at chuuu beauty blender! 

    MAYBELLINE Brow Precise Micro Pencil ($13.95/3 shades)
    A brow pencil with an 'ultra-fine' tip and a grooming brush on one end. Designed for precision and blending. 

    MAYBELLINE Lash Sensational Luscious Full Fan Effect Mascara ($21.95)
    A nourishing mascara that provides lashes with a 'full-fan effect', offering fuller and more defined lashes. 

    BOURJOIS Twist Up The Volume Black Balm Mascara ($23)
    I love it when beauty brands slip in words into their product to mislead consumers, lmao... "balm". OK M8. Anyways, this mascara offers length, definition and volume. Ultra-black, with a 'two-in-one' brush. 

    BOURJOIS Sculpt Light Strobing Highlighter ($25)
    A light, gel highlighter that illuminates and visually sculpts the face. Pearly finish, I believe. 

    BOURJOIS Delice de Poudre Duo ($24)
    Eep. Can't wait to film my YouTube video for this post and f"k up on the pronunciation for this one, yay! Basically, a bronzing and highlighter duo. Yup.

    BOURJOIS Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder ($24)
    A chocolate-scented bronzer that offers a radiant, non-shiny glow. Feels like I've seen this before. They must release this every year, yes? 

    AUSTRALIS Blend Friends Beauty Blender Trio ($14.95)
    I've started using beauty blenders lately, and it is the most amazing thing I have ever added to alter my foundation routineeeeee. Saw these at Priceline yesterday, couldn't help but squeal at how the cute packaging was. Hope they won't disappoint! Limited edition.

    REAL TECHNIQUES Brow Set ($10.01)
    A set of tools to clean, fill, define and shape the brows. Expect to find: angled tweezers, detailing tweezers, a slanted brow spoolie, a slanted arch definer and a slanted brow brush. Comes with a tool carrier. 

    MAVALA SWITZERLAND BB Cream ($39.95/6 shades)
    Must be a new brand. Surprisingly, pretty accessible if you're in Sydney. Have a look at their store locator. This BB cream is described to be light, with a non-greasy texture. Suitable for all skin types.

    MAVALA SWITZERLAND I Love Mini Color's ($8.50/6 shades)
    Described as a nail collection that's ideal for the upcoming Valentine's Day, and.. Mother's Day? Hmm. Mother Day's is in Maaaaaay! Way too early for that!

    On another note, I've been scouting Face Of Australia lately. Couldn't find them on Beauty Directory anymore... and their stands at Big W hasn't been taken care of very well. Products are getting old and there seems to be no new releases.. Anyone know if they're going to be discontinued?

    Don't take my words for it! Just a thought aloud...

    However, time to stock up their [famous] translucent powder for future baking-purposes!


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