06 April 2016

NEW ON COUNTER (APRIL 2016): Rimmel London, MAC, L'Oreal Paris, Face Of Australia, Designer Brands

I'm lateeeeeeee again, I'm sorry my beautiful little fools.

What have I been doing, you asked? If... anyone... wonders. At all.

Well, I've been obsessed with:
  • Cool Dog Group on Facebook -- I could seriously stay up all night browsing this group! So many photos, memes and videos of cute pups every single day! And I've realised that Shan of Shaaanxo is also in the group, said "hi", but she never replied. *weeps to sleep*
  • HSPAS on Facebook -- Stands for Halal Snack Pack Appreciation Society, lmao. I've just been obsesseed with snack packs, okay? If you don't know what a snack-pack is, mmmm....... I may edumacate you more. Later. 
  • Uni assessments -- I'm not kidding. I've been obsessed with finishing all my upcoming assignments, to avoid last-minute procrastination! 

My favourite video of recent:

So that's that. If you follow me on Snapchat (@the_beautifool), I've also attended two beauty events last month! 

One by Elizabeth Arden, introducing 2 new products, AND one by Shu Umera, a make-up competition between some make-up artists! I also saw Wengie (the YouTuber, yes) there. I didn't know who she is, and I still don't... lol. 

Said I'll check her channel, but I just don't have time.

DESIGNER BRANDS Flawless All in One Foundation ($14.99/4 shades)
 This foundation works as both a foundation AND a concealer. Apparently buildable, long-lasting, glides on smoothly and contains skin-loving ingredients. 

❷ DESIGNER BRANDS Flawless Lip and Cheek Cream ($14.99)
A 2-in-1 stick that provides a natural flush of colour to both the lips AND the cheeks! Buttery formula, glides on effortlessly, buildable, blendable and won't flake or stick to dry skin! 

❸ DESIGNER BRANDS Strobing Stick ($14.99)
Oooo, perhaps THIS will get your attention? Strobing is supposedly the new trend after highlighting, soooooo... I'm actually surprised companies haven't jumped on the supposedly-trendy bandwagon yet. But then again, I feel like the concept of "strobing" was a pop-up trend, didn't last long at all. ANYWAYS, this is a "strobing stick" that highlights for an all-over glow, lol. #italktoomuch

❹ RIMMEL LONDON Kate Moss  Lip Conditioning Balm ($9.95)
A lip balmmmmm, looks like a nude lipstick. That is all. 

❺ RIMMEL LONDON Kate Moss Sculpting & Highlighting Kit ($16.95)
Contains three powders to highlight, contour and define the face. You got, a [shimmer] highlighter, a shading powder, and a blush, all in one. 

RIMMEL LONDON #instaflawless ($13.95/2 shades)
Never thought a brand would ever come out with a product with this name, lol. "Hey, have you tried the hashtag-instaflawless skin tint?". Gettin' back on track, this is a "skin tint" which helps to perfect and protect the skin, Sounds a lot like a BB cream, and the packaging looks like it'd be something from BENEFIT! 

❼ MAC Studio Waterweight SPF30 Foundation ($54/23 shades)
Woooooo, looks like it comes in an eyedropper tool packaging! This foundation claims to deliver colour in an "ultra-fluid, elastic gel serum formula". Softly blurs imperfections, but sheer medium buildable coverage guys. 

REVLON Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour ($23.95/8 shades)
I've been using this for the past two weeks, and surprisingly, the formula is lovely! A liquid lipcolour that dries matte, sorta stains too. Yes it is also lightweight as claimed, but not sure it it's very "moisturising". Extremely pigmented though! 

❾ THE BODY SHOP British Rose Collection
This isn't an accurate photo since some products are missing and it seems that some photographed photos are not being launched in AU. Apologies, just thought I'd slot in this photo so you'd have a general idea of what the packaging looks like!

Not an accurate picture, but the packaging looks like this.

  • Lip & Cheek Stain ($24.95) -- no photo.
  • Exfoliating Soap ($6.95) -- no photo.
  • Nail Colour ($9.95) -- no photo.
  • Body Butter ($24.95)
  • Hand Cream ($6.95/30mL or $17.95/100mL)
  • Eau de Toilette ($24.95)
  • Soft Bath Foam ($19.95)
  • Body Wash ($10.95)
  • Gel Body Scrub ($29.95)
  • Eye & Cheek Palette ($44.95) -- no photo. 

❿ L'OREAL PARIS Men Expert Hydra Power 48H Moisturiser ($15.95)
Adding a men's product because I don't discriminate. And this seems interesting. Why? Because it contains "French mountain water", lol. And I loveeeeeeeee the idea of men's skincare products for my own skin.

⓫ ELIZABETH ARDEN Grand Entrance Mascara ($42/on counter April 17)
This, was one of the highlights of the EA event, that I mentioned earlier. It's a mascara that offers length, separation, volume and curl. Long-wearing and water-resistant. The main focus of this mascara, is the curved brush which prevents clumping. I've still yet to try it, cause, my TOO FACED Better Than Sex Mascara ($32), lool. 

⓬ SHU UMERA blanc:chroma brightening UV Cushion Foundation ($72)
Another "cushion foundation", told yaaaaaaaa that these were coming to Australia! They're the new "BB creams"! What does it do? What's special about it? No idea. This one's described to brighten though, with SPF30, and also has a high level of coverage.

FACE OF AUSTRALIA Autumn Romance Nail Collection ($4.95/8 shades)
I'm PRETTY sure $4.95 is the price. I only saw these at Priceline today! Features quite a few dark shades, getting us Aussies ready for autumn, I assume. Sadly, I am photo-less with this one.. Silly me only Snapchat'ed the range as a video clip!

There are also 3 new fragrances this month. I'll be showing you snippets of them on my Instagram (@the_beautifool) instead! Their packaging = everything!

online surveys

Finally finished this post. It's 1:28AM right now... eek. Hungry and tired, and Priceline 40% sale is happening tomorrow.

Anyone else not hyped for the 40% sale anymore?

I just have sooooooooo much make-up, and have been scoring so many terrific deals at the markets, so products from Priceline just hasn't been hitting the spot.

I'm so excited!

See you then! 

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  1. Ohhhh I can't wait to see the DB strobing stick!!! Fingers crossed that it's not glittery.


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