26 November 2015


It's that time of the year again!

Yeap! Christmas, is what I'm talking about.

The festive season guarantees lots of sales around the corner, some of which I've spotted in stores and from catalogues. Thought I'd be cute and compile a post to share with y'all! (*/∇\*)

I won't take responsibility for enabling you though!


1. BIG W: 40% OFF all cosmetic brands, except Boe Beauty, Thin Lizzy, Barry M and Christmas gift sets. Ends 2 December.
TIP: If you've missed Priceline's recent 40% cosmetics deal, then this one is one to look out for. Brands like essence, Physician's Formula and such won't be there, but if you need something from the regular brands (such as Maybelline, Revlon, Australis, FOA), then now is the time to snag! If you're thinking of buying lots of back-ups, then perhaps just wait for Chemist Warehouse's 1/2 deal which actually happens more than occasionally. 

2. WOOLWORTHS: 40% OFF L'Oreal Skincare and Maybelline. Ending date unkwn.

3. WOOLWORTHS: 25% OFF MUD Make Up. I know this is a cheap brand, but if you've spotted something from them that you like, then now's the chance, as they rarely do sales. Ending date uknwn.

4. WOOLWORTHS: If you've been eye-ing COVERGIRL's latest Star Wars collection, then I'm pretty sure this $10 deal on the limited edition's products would be cheaper than Big W's 40% off deal. Ending date uknwn.

5. WOOLWORTHS: All NIVEA Suncare 1/2 price. Prepare for this heaaaaaaat! Ending date uknwn..

6. PRICELINE: 1/2 PRICE on selected fragrances -- if you need to do Xmas shopping, do it now! Ends December 1.

7. PRICELINE: 30% off GARNIER. Ends 1 December.

8. PRICELINE: 1/2 PRICE on Simple's wipes -- the value pack of 2 drops to $5.49 each! That's less than $2.80 a pack! (lol, do I sound like an ad?) Ends 1 December.

9. COLES: HALF price on Rimmel London -- already restocked on my fave Wake Me Up Foundation, hehe. Ends 1 December.

10. SEPHORA: Aaaaand I'm just gonna leave this here, with special thanks to Tez on TMUS.

Thank Buddha, I've already done my Christmas shopping, and took advantage of all the deals that's been happening recently.

Big W's 40% sale happens today, and goes for the next 6 days. However, I've already got what I needed from Priceline's 40% sale (which I'll blog about soon!) so... count me out! ヽ(゚∇゚)ノ

Which shopaholic will be browsing Big W today? Tell me! 

Let me know!


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