02 August 2013

Drugstore Cosmetics Launches for Australia -- August 2013

A launch post for you today, despite me laziness lately... Hoping to get back to blogging and vlogging soon!

I've missed some of last month's launches so I thought'd give them a brief mention this month! Maybelline launched quite a few products last month that I wasn't aware of...

  • Color Whisper Lipsticks ($14.95/8 shades) -- You should've heard much about these by now.. They are sheer, subtle lip colours which reminds me much of Revlon's Lip Butters! There are not as many shades, but the shade range is still quite nice!
  • Color Tattoo 24HR Metal Cream Gel Shadow ($11.95/4 shades) - Like their Color Tattoos, but these are metallic eye shadows, with an "intense shine finish". 
  • SuperStay 24HR Waterproof Powder ($18.95/3 shades) -- I still haven't seen these instores, but a "waterproof" powder... Wow! This powder is described to "last up to 24 hours whilst actively repelling against water, oil, and sweat for a long lasting matte finish"... Has anyone seen or tried this?? 

  • Color Show Sequins Nail Lacquers ($5.95/4 shades) -- I haven't seen these in stores yet either!!! It looks SO gorgeous here though! A bit too blingy for my liking, but they look so pretty! 
  • Dream Pure BB Cream ($15.95/2 shades) -- Described to be an 8-in-1 "light water gel based" BB cream which is suppose to correct, clear and detoxify the skin for a healthier complexionni! Suitable for those with oily and blemish prone skin.
  • Volum' Express Mega Plush Mascara ($19.95/3 shades) -- This latest Maybelline mascara is a gel-mousse mascara that volumises and lengthens. It's also suppose to prevent dry and weak lashes.. Has quite a few claims, this one!

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind The Lifter Foundation
($25.95/8 shades) 
I'm PRETTY sure that this is a new foundation that's due to launch soon, as I haven't seen it around yet! This foundation promises to:
  • Instantly create a smooth and even complexion
  • Minimises the looks of fine lines
  • Improve sagging and loss of elasticity
  • Provide smooth and consistent coverage that corrects imperfections
The interior packaging has a spiral design... which looks pretty, but that just means less product and more packaging really..

Moving onto my favourite brand.. and I'm sure you know who! :P

Australis Cosmetics strikes back with a limited edition collection and some spankin' new glitter top coats!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Snagged this image from Australis' official website

Australis Rock Star Collection features 4 new lipstick shades and 4 new nail polish shades! All are pretty strikingly bold and bright! I've swatched the lipsticks here >

That's not the end of it though! They've also released three new GLITTER nail polishes!! Wooooooooooooooooo. Hopefully none of the 3 new shades will share the [disappointing] formula of Space Jam from their previous release!

Frisky Features, Rio Riot, Carnival Chaos

Sinful Colors Diamond Lust Collection ($4.95/5 shades)
I'm actually not too sure when these were launched, but as I haven't seen any bloggers mentioning these.. I figured that they must be new since I've never seen them at Target before until recently. They weren't named "Diamond Lust" or anything! At my local Target, they were just dumped on the Sinful Colors' stands.... but in other countries, these are listed under Sinful Color's Diamond Lust Collection!

(Photo by my phone camera.. >_<!!)

All shades are ridiculously blingy, which makes them a bit too OTT (over the top) for me in all honesty! I'm also aware that they have 7 shades overseas, but I've only found 5 at my local Target ^-^

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Textured Nail Colours ($9.95/7 shades)
PREEEEEETY! The barred pieces of these beautiful Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coa Textured top coats are suppose to resemble hand-spun yarn which offers a multidimensional fiber textured effect. Me wants!!!

6 of the 7 shades

essence Ticket To Paradise Limited Edition Collection
Long time no see essence! ^_^ The packaging of these four products are pretty bright and colourful, but in all honesty, these products looks a bit like a joke.. Ya. I'm a packaging-whore, so to me, these do look like much like those products you can get from Barbie doll sets. LOL.

  • Hair Mascara ($5.35/2 shades) - adds streaks of colour to your hair. Easy to apply and easy to wash out. Available in purple and turquoise.
  • Lipgloss ($3.50/3 shades) -- a gloss that features a light shimmer and subtle scent. Available in orange, fuchsia and turquoise. 
  • Lipliner ($2.25/2 shades) -- an easy-to-apply light, glossy textured lip liner. Available in orange and fuchsia.
  • Nail Polish ($2.95/4 shades) -- long-lasting nail polishes which features a semi-transparent gel-like texture to create a glossy wet look. Available in gold, orange, turquoise and fuchsia.  

Rimmel London Salon Pro With Lycra by Kate ($8.95/14 shades)
Rimmel whips up a new range of lycra nail lacquers! These are suppose to give a gel-like salon manicure finish. The formula promises to offer an extra glossy nail look which is also suppose to be fade-resistant and last up to 10 days! Quite a big claim there...

BYS Velvet Nails ($7.95/12 shades)
Last, but not least... there's BYS with their Velvet Nail kits! If you've been struggling to find velvet nail kits around.. this one's for you! I giggle at the name of the yellow shade.... Fluffy Duckling! SO cute!! ^_^

Okay, that's all for this month! I've also got a few other brands to post about but they are "department" stores brands... I might compile a different launch post for that.. Let me know what you think! Meanwhile....

Let me know which products you are keen to try this month!
Or if you have already tried them.. how did it go for you? 

I'm SO in for those Sally Hansen Fuzzy Textured Lacquers... From the swatches I've seen.. they are to-die for! :(


  1. Lusting after those fuzzy nails from Sally Hansen!
    They look so adorable!

  2. Cannot wait to try the new RImmel polishes!

  3. I love the Color Whispers! Already have 3 :)

  4. Love these posts you do :) I would love to see the department store version!


  5. Can't wait to try the Rimmel polishes, I've been waiting forever!

  6. Thanks for these posts, I love love love them. I am with you on the Essence products...what a joke. Come on Essence!

  7. Im super excited to try the new maybelline eye tattoos!

  8. I want to try that BB cream! Too bad it's not in the US yet I think ;(


  9. Looks like I'll be hunting down an Australis counter soon!

  10. Hair mascara! lol Shit, that takes me back to primary school. hahah


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