Disclosures & Policies

Beauty With The Beautifool is a beauty blog by Tram P. By using/viewing this blog, you are aware of and abide to the follower disclosures and policies.



As a beauty blog, we aim to provide you with swatches which are as accurate as possible, product reviews based on our truthful and unbiased experiences and other general beauty-related posts such as DIY projects and helpful how-to’s.

All posts on our beauty blog features our very own unbiased and uninfluenced opinions reflecting our personal experiences.

However, do understand that the reviews of our experience may differ to your experience and every other individual due to a variety of contributing factors such as different skin types, tones and textures, environmental and climate differences, personal preferences in applications, etc. We still however do try our best to provide accurate information in our reviews and posts.

Also, do consider that we are in no way professional make-up artists or skin experts therefore we cannot guarantee of any possible results.


Swatches are always processed and edited digitally for lighting and shade adjustments so colours could be as true to real-life as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that our swatches are 100% perfectly matched with the real life swatches, although we do maintain the effort to attempt so. 


No parts of this blog shall be copied and pasted elsewhere without credits to the blog. If you have any particular requests or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

As for images which do not belong to us and are sourced from other sites, they are always labelled with proper credit captions for reference. If you happen to find your image/photo on our blog without proper credits, please contact us.


Please note that we reserve the rights to modify our contents and images without notice as we constantly review and update any uncompleted and outdated contents.



As a beauty blog, we aim to provide you with the most honest reviews and posts, therefore we guarantee all opinions and experiences expressed on this site will also remain unbiased and uninfluenced. Our posts will never be influenced by any third parties such as companies, public relations and/or business affiliations.


Any advertorial/sponsored posts will always be stated at the bottom end of the post as either "sponsored post" or "advertorial post" or "paid for PR piece". Advertorial/sponsored posts are paid for by either PR or companies for publication, but our expressed opinions without the post will still stay strong as 'uninfluenced and unbiased' as stated in '(i) Contents'.


Our comment section on our posts are always open for constructive and helpful discussions between the visitors of this blog.
However, commentators are prohibited to:
(1) attack/insult other users/visitors
(2) incorporate foul languages when commenting
(3) attack/insult the blog author
(4) advertise within the comment with links

Any comments which conflicts our 'Comment Policy' will be resulted in deletion without notice of the commentator. 

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