16 May 2017

NEW ON COUNTER (MAY 2017): I've moved.

Hey peeps!

I've finished my assessments and uni-work for this semester, but that's not the only thing I'm done with! You know what else I'm done with?


Haha, kidding. 

I'm done with this blog. Yup. This blog.

I've started blogging in 2010 -- everything was all very personal with snippets of beauty. Eventually, I've ventured out into beauty, and that's how most of you guys know me, and probably will only ever know about me in that way -- "the blogger".

This blog is my everything. I'm extremely proud that I've started this blog (actually, as I'm typing this, I'm starting to weep).

It has offered me so many different opportunities, experience and insights into the blogosphere and media. I've learnt lots from other bloggers (even the rookie ones), brands, vloggers and even YOU.

I thank you all so much for your following and support throughout the seven years.

A few questions that some of you may just wonder...


The blogosphere has changed oh-so-much since I've started. Back then, it was all for the giggles and fun. My peak was during 2012, with my three blogger friends, Tezza, Amanda and Alice. Eventually things dulled out. Everyone lost motivation, including myself. It also seems to have gravitated towards the more-visually-appealing. It seems like we no longer read blogs, but preferred photos and captions instead. Or, at least that's how I feel.

At the same time, I've grown up. The adulthood and its responsibilities has caught up to me. Blogging is still very much a priority to me, but it seems like I just won't ever have enough time to get around to it... and this makes me feel really bad.

After that, it's a constant cycle of me feeling guilty about not blogging. So here's a post about it, to announce that all the promises end here!

Holy shit, that sounded dramatic asf. 


HOWEVER, I'm not 100% quitting. I've decided to move myself posts to my Instagram. Since Instagram updated with their 'slideshow' feature, I'll be posting about make-up there instead!

Follow me to keep updated about the same things: sales, new products, reviews and swatches.

This month's NEW ON COUNTER post is already up!

All in all, I promise this isn't goodbye.

I probably will still post here. Giveaways most likely, or anything that isn't size-appropriate for Instagram.


See you there,


Thank you (with all my heart).

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